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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coffee Time and a Giggle!

It's coffee time here, (my first of the day actually- as I have been having a morning cat-nap the last few mornings and then having my coffee after!). And one of my favorite things to do is blog over a nice, oversized, ginormous cup of coffee! I have been having two cups (mind you my cups are of gigantic proportions- but nonetheless- it's still ONLY two cups a day-HA!) and enjoying them more and more each day! Trying new flavors and bold brews, dare I say it, coffee is almost a hobby for me LOL!

I also have a humorous share for you all this afternoon, as I have been slowly, but surely getting into the holiday spirit (it's about time huh? There are 18 days until Christmas-YIKES!). I have started my holiday shopping from the comfort of my home (Thank goodness for online shopping), and am still in "brain-storming" mode for some gift ideas- and need to get my butt in gear- but before I do- I want to share this humorous cartoon I found that a lot of my chronically ill friends will relate too! LOL Even though the posts refers to Santa's old age and aging, I know you will all get a good giggle out of it, as we have all had to say our own "No-No-No's" around the holiday season. I know how hard it can be  to turn down events and activities that we want to take part in- but listening to our bodies is always most important- Although I tend to over do it and push myself from time to time - as I know many of us do, especially this time of year so that we can enjoy a bit an indulge/spend quality time with our loved ones...I must be getting back to my freshly brewed java, so I wish you all a fantastic Thursday afternoon and evening, and  hope you are all getting into the holiday spirit and can enjoy it with loved ones by your side!


  1. I will not RSVP yes to every invite, I will not stress about the invites I turn down, I will not feel bad about resting.... But I will have fun when I can :) Love ya!