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Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Tis the Holiday Season... To be Thankful!

This holiday season ha flown by us and with New Year's Eve and New Years Day right around the corner- I am sure there are many of us that are feeling the fatigue and aches and pains of the holidays taking their toll on us! But this a year, aside from some fatigue (okay maybe a lot of fatigue-nothing that a few cat naps a day, some heating pads/heated blankets and a few 40-ounce coffees can't fix-right?- I hope LOL!) and minor aches and pains and a bum knee that is acting up- I am so thankful that I was able to spend the holidays with my friends and family by my side!

This year a lot of wonderful things have happened to me and that are hard to overlook- and despite having Lupus and my other collections of Autoimmune related illnesses nagging me, 2012 was a good year- and I am planning to have a GREAT 2013. This year I feel like I had a lot personal growth- and accomplishments for the first time despite my illness, or perhaps because of it( it does tend to motivate me to push myself to my limits and test what my body will allow me to do!) I graduated with my Masters, and got a job. Granted while it is part-time it is the first time I am able to work since being diagnosed with Lupus in 2009. I am hopeful that I will be able to hold the job and move forward in my career field of choice in the future.

And lastly- I'd like to thank all of you and wish you all a happy New Year and a great 2013! You all make CHRONICLYsILLy possible and without each and every one of you I would not have this fantastic site, my online Boutique/shop, or my fantastic facebook page that keeps me going each and every day! I hope to be able to share a lot more of your works, poetry, stories and artwork in the year to come so please keep it coming! I personally am a huge fan of poems and homemade videos that help others understand chronic illness, and help us grow as a community united to help spread awareness and shed a positive light on life with a chronic illness. So thank you all and I wish you all nothing but happiness and good health in the 2013 year to come! I am hopeful this is THE year for great things! Peace, Love and Hugs!


  1. It is amazing that it is almost 2013! That is very exciting about your job! It is always wonderful to look back at all that we have been blessed with. May 2013 bring you many more blessings!