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Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is no such thing as "I can't!"

Good afternoon loves! Today has been a great day thus far! After getting back in the gym last night for the FIRST time post-diagnosis (almost 3.5 years ago!!), I am ecstatic to say that I am sore! (in a good way of course!) I am just out of a hot bath to soak my muscles after coming home from a late morning workout (I use the term workout loosely as I walk the treadmill in  intervals bursting a faster speed walk and a steady but not fast past in between, and a little bit on the elliptical, as well as some stretching at the end as I seem to get very tight and spasm sometimes on the machines.

It is NOT easy, and I am far from being in good shape (Weight wise I am within a healthy range, which I attribute to my healthy eating and healthy lifestyle for the past 2-3 years)- I changed my eating habits and my lifestyle upon being diagnosed as i wanted to do everything possible and within my control to help and better myself despite Lupus. I am learning that I will NEVER be able to workout to the caliber I used to pre-Lupus- My body just will not allow it... But although I may have different limitations or modified workouts compared to other "healthy" 24-year-olds in the gym, My accomplishment comes in getting out of bed that morning, and fighting through the fatigue and pain and walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill, or 10-15 minutes on the elliptical.

Long story short, as I want to get to enjoy my iced coffee with vanilla soy milk (A post-workout treat!) There is no "I can't..." Just I can but with new modifications to fit my new and still fabulous lifestyle with Lupus!


  1. That is so amazing and inspiring, good for you and keep it up!

    Lots of Love, Hayley-Eszti xx

  2. This is so encouraging to read! Good for you for your accomplishments! So exciting!!
    I've been sick for almost ten years; only began talking Lupus this past August. My little stretches and tiny walks each day that seem so so so incredibly minuscule but I'm doing it and that's all that matters. Can't wait until I can step back into a gym! :) Thanks for giving me some hope today!


  3. ive nominated you for Sunshine Award

  4. I just found your blog and I want you to know how inspiring I find this post! I have not exercised regularly in two years. I am slowly trying to get back into it, and am trying to find something low impact I can handle. It is awesome to think that I may actually be able to get to the gym again. You've given me hope!

    abc mama (a newbie blogger learning to post about living with chronic illness)